Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What is meant by Comment LUV and how to make most of it?

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Comment LUV is a Plug-in which can be installed in a blog, most probably it is meant for blog maintained under Word press platform. One who has enables Comment LUV plug-in in his so called blog, and then his blog is definitely going to receive number of hits per day. There are thousands of bloggers and active link builders who search for Comment LUV enabled blogs. Now here many of you might think why this entire people search for Comment LUV enabled blogs. Off course they search with an intention to make a comment or leave their Website URL in order to gain some link juice. Here I want to reveal the secret of making comment on such blogs.

Friends Comment LUV enabled blogs gives you do follow links, yes do follow and that too on your anchor text. Apart from that it even leaves a link of your last post at the end of the comment and this is definitely going to increase your visitors and exposure of those posts. The comment LUV symbol at the end of the post tries to identify your last post from the URL used (basically it looks to the feed path and brings the most recent post from their). If you even don’t want your post to be appeared at the end of the comment then simple dis click the button option available at the end of the post. Most probably ahead of Comment LUV label. This will disallow your last post to be shown in your comment. Make sure not to spam such blogs with worthless comments. Even while commenting on any such blogs make sure to use “your name @keyword”. This will appear as “your name from keyword”. The keyword will be used to anchor text with the URL submitted making to look those comments more professional.
So what are you waiting for, just make a search for comment LUV enabled blogs and start posting useful comments in them and enjoy the power of bloggsphere.

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