iOS 8 vs. Android Lollipop: Same features, yet more distinct than ever

iOS 8 vs. Android Lollipop: Same features, yet more distinct than ever

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Saturday, December 13, 2014

CEO: Whether investing in SEO is worth the investment?

Posted By: Balaji Naidu - 11:01 AM
SEO or search engine optimization as an on-line marketing service is looked with an intention to generate leads for the business on an immediate basis. In fact many CEO’s wouldn't see any specific difference between investment in SEO and other on-line marketing mediums such as Google PPC, banner advertisement or advertising at some local newspapers and outlets. They are concerned with leads for their business. I have seen number of them questioning the service provided by an SEO firm if business sees no direct leads from Organic medium.  Though they wait for a month or a two but then they take it for granted that either this medium is not going to work or they start suspecting service provided. For all those CEO’s keep in mind that “No one can guarantee you top organic position in Google for any desired keywords and it is this feature of Google has made it one of the most preferred Search Engine by masses. Also I will add here a statement that “Without SEO your website can never turn up at top position in Google Organic Search” provided there is some good competition in your niche.

From both of my above statement it is very much clear that if you want to make your product or service a well established brand, you must start giving due importance to Organic SEO from very beginning stage of your project. You can always judge the service provider by checking the quality & relevancy of content generated to promote your website. Also you can regularly check your inbound link profile which is one of the most important parts of Organic SEO. Inbound link from authority and relevant website is a sign of good SEO Service.

Investing in Paid mediums though are capable to generate leads on immediate basis but they wouldn’t last long as once you stop investing in paid mediums, your leads are stopped that moment. Also you have to set aside considerable budget for paid advertisements whereas Organic wouldn’t cost you much and they are capable to generate leads for your business for long term even when you have stopped investing in SEO mediums. Paid mediums will cost you for each click whereas from Organic there are huge chances that you will start getting visibility in number of other relevant keywords and start getting leads from those keywords too without paying any extra bucks for same. So at the end I will conclude my article with a statement that “Think Smart and invest wisely”.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Whether Inbound Link control tool can benefit SEO Community?

Posted By: Balaji Naidu - 6:42 PM
It took me a long to update my blog with yet another useful post, been busy with my tight schedule but this time I am going to talk about a tool may be long awaited by the SEO community. The latest buzzing topic in Google is a Link disavow tool which was launched by Google as on 16th Sept 2012. Till now many of you might have come across with this tool and learnt what one can achieve with the help of this tool. Especial webmasters who have received a message of unnatural link from Google knew the importance of it. I have heard lots of them complaining “webmasters demanding money to take down a link from their website”, apart from that even Negative SEO was a big problem. Now with the launch of this tool one can easily fix any low quality inbound link or link which seems to do more harm than good to the inbound link profile of their website.

The Link disavow tool is currently at its primary stage, no one other than Google knows how this tool is exactly going to work or intention behind collecting data which webmasters suggest either a bad one or of involved in any type of paid link activity. At this stage though it is very early to judge anything about it but there is a clear indication that if Google starts to act on link collected from the webmaster via Link disavow tool than we can see many using this tool against their competitor.

As per Matt Cutt – “this tool is not going to work as a directive but it will be considered as a strong suggestion”

While launching this tool Google has clearly specified that this is not the tool to be used by all, only webmasters who has received unnatural link message and that too if they are unable to contact webmaster to request link removal, they can make use of it to inform Google about their efforts and accordingly fix such Links. It is so Google and all SEO community has named it as an SEO tool with caution, because if you go on to upload all inbound links to disavow them then you are definitely going to do more harm to your website. All inbound links to the website may not be equal; some may even add more value to the website, so think twice before you upload any links for disavow and as per my suggestion if you haven’t yet received any such unnatural link message from Google you should not use it.

Features of the tool

- One can easily upload link by placing them in text file with one URL per line
- Three options are made available they are

- “#” : symbol can be used to place any comments about the link,

- “Domain: : can be used to disavow links from entire domain

- : To disavow links from any particular page

- One can upload a maximum of 2 MB in file size.

- If you want to upload more links to disavow than you can use the same file by replacing earlier links with newly updated one.

Once after successful submission of the links webmaster has to wait for 2 to 3 weeks to see any possible results from them. Hope this guide will be helpful to you to fix your suspicious link profile. The Link disavow tool is definitely going to help an SEO community a lot, interested to know what other thinks about it !

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Unnatural Linking messages to Inbound Link control tool by Google

Posted By: Balaji Naidu - 4:50 PM

Google webmaster Tool is a free tool by Google for all webmaster to manage their websites in a better way and perform at Google Search. I doubt by the time there may be very few who is not aware of this wonderful tool. It helps you to get your website crawled by Google bots at the same time it even helps you to remove any of pages or entire website from Google Index. From impression to Clicks, Malware to not found page information of your website is at your finger tips with an access to this tool. Hmm, today we are here to look possibility of a most talked feature that is “control on inbound links to the website from Webmaster tool” well I hear the noise of Big Yes! From SEO Community! Why not inbound link is the stuff that seems not in our control and hope it plays a major role in deciding fate of a website at Google Search.

Inbound Links

Recently Google Team has become too active and made whole SEO Community to remain active by making various changes in their algorithm and continuously pushing various updates, some of such big updates are Google Panda and Google Penguin. Situation seems becoming worse for webmasters who has received notification from Google of unnatural Linking. Many webmasters started removing those links whereas some has adopted a strategy of wait and watch. Well who will be the winner, is that those who has removed the links may achieve top most position or those who has adopted the strategy of wait and watch, Hope time will answer it! but yes Google has collected huge information about linking structure of various websites, they even have learnt features of various linking pattern as those that are in control of webmaster and those which appears to be out of control. I doubt this may be the strategy adopted by Google to combat web spam and by the way adjust the algorithm in such a way (by some inputs from those data collected from webmasters who earlier has received unnatural link structure to their webmaster account) which will enable only those websites to be placed at the top whose linking structure is very much near to one which Google bots considers to be of top quality.

If I am not wrong Google Panda and Google penguin is not the end but it is just a start to make the web more information rich and search results to be more user centric.

Nowadays I here lot of them complaining about Negative SEO against their company, it has become a big threat to Organic SEO Community. The threat may be in a form of low quality inbound links which came into existence once after Google has started forwarding unnatural link building messages to webmasters. This arose a need of a tool which will help webmasters to control those inbound links, infact even Google Engineer Matt Cutt in SMX Advanced Conference has confirmed possibility of such feature in a webmaster tool in a near future. We will discuss more of that stuff in a next coming post….

Sunday, June 17, 2012 – More than a Job Listing Websites

Posted By: Balaji Naidu - 2:23 PM

Nowadays it seems that outsourcing is one of the best ways to get your work done at cost effective rate. Though previously it was very much difficult to find the best outsourcing partner to get your work done. Some may prove costly, whereas some don’t hold enough experience to accomplish the said task. Even some times trustworthiness plays a huge role. It was very much difficult to find one who holds all required qualities along with necessary certification. Here comes the job listing websites into action. Though there are number of such job listing websites where you can get registered and list your job and at the same time those freelancers who are actively looking for jobs can bid on projects for which they are qualified for. There are very few which seems to be up to the mark. is one such job listing website.

What I like most about is its feature of remaining active. They always try to do creative thing to make their users remain active. This ongoing SEO & Writing competition is one such example of the same. Here as an employer I can get most out of this site; I can list my projects and invite those qualified freelancers to bid on my projects. I can check their past work and even see ratings provided to them. Apart from this stuff the most important quality of this freelancer website is that they have got a certification program whereby any such freelancer who holds enough knowledge about their area of interest can undertake exam online and prove their worth. Such certification gives one more reason for employer to select you.

Well, it seems is hearing what their end-users are saying about and so is this, they are always trying to update themselves in accordance with their end users preference. They have got a good navigational structure in accordance with those jobs divided as per their individual categories, a good design and up course a good site loading time. I have never come across with a situation where I can say has got a bad host as they are always up to the mark. This is what I like most about this website. I am really thankful to webmaster at Freelancer site as they did their best to create a platform where employer and employee can place a full stop to their search.

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Sunday, May 20, 2012

An overview of web syndication from link building to duplicated content issues

Posted By: Balaji Naidu - 6:56 PM
Web syndication also sometimes known as content syndication is a form of syndication in which website materials of those of content creators are made available to similar other publisher websites. It may be in the form of web feeds with a summary or update of a websites recent updation. It seems such a way of syndication proves helpful to both as those who creates the content receives an increased exposure by making their content available through various similar platforms and on another hand those who makes such content available by their own platform can make their website more engaging as users are always updated with varied informational news about the niche.
Well, here let me add some interesting stuff for those SEO savvy communities. If you are involved in syndication of your web content in terms of providing your content in RSS  Feed or Atom Feed format to enable those webmasters, who want to place such content to their websites than here by placing your most important keywords as an anchor text in your content body section it will provide you with more back links from those of publishers websites. So along with increased exposure strong inbound links can even be welcomed. At this point active link builders should be feeling happy about it but wait; you are going to welcome a problem of duplicate content issue
Google nowadays seems to be strict punishing those duplicated contents, so if you don’t want Google to penalize you for those duplicated content than you should make sure to have an agreement with publishers as if restricting your content being crawled from their platform. This way you may escape from those future problems. Even you can ask for original contents link as a source to be placed at the end of each content being published from their platforms. This way you can make sure search engines discover original link of the article being published from your platform. Apart from these stuff even recently Google seems supporting a link = canonical tag to be deal with those of duplicated content issues. So you can even opt for placing canonical tags across domain to escape from such a problem. This way you can utilize varied option to get away from duplicated content issues.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

2012 Google Updates has given a new shape to SEO

Posted By: Balaji Naidu - 10:15 AM

It seems recently Google has brought numerous updates to their search algorithm to make sure it become more complicated and will not remain a game play of those search engine optimizer who appear to be involved in optimizing websites for years. Many proclaim it to be an end of search engine optimization but it may not be the fact, the people at Google wants to make search look more natural and don’t want any third person in terms of SEO Analyst to decide their first page placement, so looking to these recently they have brought Panda updates updated version, Penguin Updates and much more. It seems now it became a game play between those SEO webmasters and the search giant Google but here I am sure if you are one such SEO Savvy webmaster try to stick to those natural looking promotion technique which will definitely benefit you in terms of Top most placement. Here I again want to add that now instead of competing for those highly competitive keywords if you are able to target those local keywords and try to stick to moderately competitive keywords you definitely will be benefited in terms of increased leads.

When it comes to promotion techniques on page remains the same, for off page promotion try to build those natural looking links such as publishing content through web 2.0 websites, participation in Question and Answer websites, Building blog platform at domain level and regularly publishing quality and useful content, Involving in forums and boards. Hope all these technique will benefit you in terms of increased exposure. Further going ahead make sure you publish content with Good English and should not be duplicated one, else end users will not be interested in it. So looking to all these stuff it seems end users interaction with your website appears to be most important factor in good performance in search engines.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Google today announced launch of new schema markup for videos

Posted By: Balaji Naidu - 10:32 PM
Videos sites are nowadays one of the most admired and frequently visited by end users. It can add more value to your website and can reach masses if are optimized properly. They are the one which plays a major role in viral marketing. Looking to all this Google wants your each and every video to be crawled and indexed by Major search engines and should become visible to end users when they are looking for. Google along with Microsoft and Yahoo has come together to describe a web standard to describe any such videos on the web. Today they have announced an inculsion of video markup in Schema
A video player with markup might look like this:

<div itemscope itemtype="">
<h2>Video: <span itemprop="name">Title</span></h2>
<meta itemprop="duration" content="T1M33S" />
<meta itemprop="thumbnailURL" content="thumbnail.jpg" />
<meta itemprop="embedURL"
content="" />
<object ...>
<embed type="application/x-shockwave-flash" ...>
<span itemprop="description">Video description</span>
Even after inclusion of this video markup language, end users can still make use of video sitemaps. As they still provide information in terms of providing advanced functionality such as country and platform restrictions. If you still want to learn more about how to optimize video for search engine consider  Video search guidelines

Monday, February 6, 2012

Google Page rank updation 2012 – A first page rank updation for the year

Posted By: Balaji Naidu - 8:35 PM

Google has today rolled out their first page rank updation for the year 2012. This time it seems Google has done well to make sure all such quality websites with strong quality inbound links is progressed in terms of Page rank. Many threads can be found in Digitalpoint forums and webmaster world. It seems Google has decided to stick to three months cycle for their Page rank updation. Join conversation for Page rank updation at Google Page Rank updation 2012

Friday, January 20, 2012

Google Today Roll out a new algorithm change in terms of Page layout

Posted By: Balaji Naidu - 5:24 PM

It is said that the process of innovation has no end and we can always find something to change and make it more better so is Google on the way to make a new algorithm change from possible 500 changes in current year. Today they officially declared that they are to consider the visible content in a page for end users as a sign of SERP placement. Recently we have seen many webmasters making use of this space to show case their ads believing that those are the hot spot which becomes visible to any such visitors once he enters in a page. Though from one instance it is definitely one of the hot spot for getting maximum exposure but at the same time the end users in terms of visitors comes in a website not to look to those ads but they are looking for some relevant information in terms of content, so this has led to unsatisfied user experience.

Google has rightly found that stuff and today they declared that they will no more tolerate such situation as they want to make sure their end users always have a big smile, when they prefer Google as a Search Engine to satisfy their needs. From now or may be within a week all such websites who has loaded only with ads and with no content in it will lose their rankings in Google, so make sure to change your page layout before Google penalize you for your motive of getting maximum clicks by decreasing the end users experience.

Here some of them may get worried as most of them have utilized such space to show case their ads but if you have got some good content and your ads don’t make complete view of the page than you may not have to get worried as Google is only to catch those webmasters who load their top section with full of ads and their it become nearly impossible to find any relevant content, apart from that Google has also included that this algorithmic change may affect around 1% of searches globally.

Balaji Naidu is an Organic SEO Expert from Ahmedabad, India basically writes on SEO tips, Online money making opportunity, digital marketing, mobile marketing and Webmasters article. He even provides an opportunity for newbie's to get updates from his SEO blog and helps them to make money by his exclusive blog How to create a blog

Friday, December 23, 2011

Google Online Marketing Challenge for 2012 is here

Posted By: Balaji Naidu - 6:01 PM
GOMC 2012 Registration
GOMC is a marketing competition run by Google for professor and their students of any higher educational institution around the world. Here through this competition Google intends to spread awareness about online marketing campaign through Google Ad words. Throughout this competition the professor will serve as a guide to their students, taking part along with their respective professor in the competition. It is all about three weeks, where students has to develop and run an online marketing campaign for any business or for any of non profit organization using Google Ad words. For this Google is to provide a basic budget of US$250. Throughout this process all those students will sharpens their marketing as well as analysis skill

Once after successfully completing the campaign those student has to summarize their real experience during marketing, through a report and has to submit it to Google. The Googlers at GOMC team will look around the effectiveness of the campaign and report presented, accordingly will declare the winning teams. Well, the Global winner along with their professor is to visit the Google headquarters in Mountain View, Calif. whereas the regional winners can have a trip to local Google offices.
It seems a great chance for the professor around the world to prove their worth along with their students. Here you are going to get real money, real results along with real experience! For registration please visit here


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