Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Beginning in Blogging

Posted By: Balaji Naidu - 12:42 PM


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Hi, everybody this is my first post in the field of Blogging. Earlier this I am working as an active link builder in one of the IT firm. Working over there I was so much passionate about blogging that I decided this is my goal and I have to achieve it and so is I am over here. Met you again with lots of fresh experience and informative post related to the beginners in the same field.

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  1. Dear Balaji,
    I am probably the first one to inagurate the blog commenting. Here is my first bit of advice for you if you are serious about SEO. Do not write an article and publish it unless its at least 250 words long. The simplest and the most powrful trick in SEO is "quality content".

    Here is the mantra to SEO greatness. Say it three times in the Morning and before sleeping. "Aum Contentay Nmah" in Sanskrit and "Content is King" in English.


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